Our Governors

We are lucky to have a dedicated, committed board of governors who serve to help, support and ensure our children have access to the best teaching and learning. As a Voluntary Aided school, the majority of our governors are Foundation (Church) governors.  Parents and staff are also represented on the Governing Body. 

The school governors are legally responsible for all aspects of school life, with the day-to-day management of the school vested in the Head Teacher and Staff. The Governing Body meets four times a year. All Agenda, Reports and Minutes of meetings are held in the school office or click the Governors Minutes tab for the latest meeting records.

Please see below some of our key governance documents and details of who our governors are:

Improvement and monitoring – Governors    This shows the cycle of monitoring that governors undertake in all areas of school life.

Governors business pecuniary interest -Sept-2018

Governors Attendance Matrix 2017-18 Pstock

More information about our Governors

Lauren Goringe, Chair of Governors
Special responsibility for Safeguarding and School Development Plan Key Priority 2:  Spelling, grammar and writing.  

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed by Salisbury Diocese of Salisbury in January 2014 for a four year term . My family have had links with the school for many years and prior to having children I used to be the Clerk to the Governors here. My two children both attend the school.

Louise Greenham, Headteacher, Ex-Officio Governor

As Headteacher I hold an ex-officio position on the Governance Board and I serve on all the Governing Board Committees, as well as attending Full Governing Board meetings and working parties. I have the responsibility of providing the Governance Board with the school information that they require in order to inform their decision making. I have been a Governor in two different schools including Powerstock as Head Teacher since January 2016. I have fulfilled different roles including Initial Teacher Training as a mentor and lecturer for School Centred IT.  I am passionate about securing the best outcomes for all the children in our care.  I strive to create an environment in line with our Church School Values and use this as a foundation for everyone to grow and learn.

Joanna Moss, Vice Chair of Governors
Chair of Finance, Environment and Pay Committee, PE Link Governor 
I am an elected Parent Governor appointed in September 2017 on a 4 year term. I am Chair of the Finance, Environment & Pay committee as well as being the Physical Education link governor. I have two young children who attend the school.


Felicity Fairbairn
Curriculum and Staff Committee

I have been a Foundation Governor for six years, having been re-appointed in 2016 for a new term. I was Deputy Chair under John Davies as well as chair of the Finance Committee. I live in the village and take a keen interest in the school. I have worked in farming, forestry, nature conservation and as a trustee in a large national funding body.

Michael Crabb
Curriculum and Staff Committee, RE, PHSE and music link Governor

I have been a foundation governor for about ten years and am currently serving a further 4 year term, appointed by the Diocese of Salisbury in March 2015.  Earlier service was as Chair of the finance committee but more recently I have been a member of the curriculum committee.  Relevant experience:  I qualified as a teacher in 1972/3, but in a more recent educational context have acted as an examiner for a professional body.

Dr Tim P Connor, Chair of Curriculum and Staff Committee
Special responsibility for School Development Plan Key Priority 3:  Schools Collaboration, Science Link Governor  

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed by the Diocese of Salisbury in April 2013 for a four year term. My professional background is in education and I serve as Chair of the Curriculum & Staff Committee.

Tisha Crutchley
Finance, Environment and Pay Committee, Literacy and Health & Safety Link

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed by the Diocese of Salisbury in March 2013 for the four-term term. My husband’s family have lived in the parish for the past eighty years.  The Mappercombe Estate provides water to Powerstock and School uses the Weir Sports Field which is on the Estate. I serve as Health & Safety Governor on the Finance & Environment Committee.

Julia Stantiford
Curriculum and Staff Committee, Humanities, Maths and Equality Link, Special responsibility for School Development Plan Key Priority 1:  Maths Progress.  

I am an elected Parent Governor appointed in January 2014 for a 4-year term.  I serve on the Curriculum Committee. I am mum to Abigail and Edward, and associated with the school in 2010 when Abigail joined Reception class. I attended the school myself (many years ago!) and look forward to being able to support the school during my post as parent governor.

Anna Seal – Staff Governor
Finance, Environment and Pay Committee, ICT Link Governor, Treasurer

Rev. Chris Grasske
Ex-officio Foundation Governor (Team Vicar)

Clerk to the Governors – Natalie Green

For more information please contact us: t: 01308 485380 e: office@powerstock.dorset.sch.uk