Physical Education

Physical Education is firmly embedded in our school and is not limited to traditional PE lessons where the children change into their PE kit.  We take the opportunity to engage the children in physical activity across all lessons, e.g. reciting maths times tables whilst running on the spot.

Formal Physical Education (PE) is taught in part by professional coaches from GoActive Ltd.  Sports covered include both the traditional (e.g. Tag Rugby, Netball and Athletics) and modern (e.g. Street Surfing).  The children are transported to Bridport Leisure Centre for swimming, gymnastics and badminton sessions.  KS1 children enjoy “Action Van” visits each week to discover a whole range of sports and have a go.  Our aim is that all pupils will receive 2 hours formal physical education every week and opportunities for daily physical activity.

This has been further enhanced by our focus on the Daily Mile, where all our children are encouraged to take part in at least 15 minutes of additional physical activity every day.  The children follow our daily mile course and collect tokens as they complete a circuit.

We also engage the children in a regular morning ‘Wake & Shake’ session to music, where they can learn a dance routine to music.  This enables the children to feel energised and ready for the school day ahead.

Please see our PE Sport premium report:

Sport Report for Powerstock School Spring Term 2018

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